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A Process for Making Nationally-determined Mitigation Contributions More Ambitious

Kentaro Tamura, Takeshi Kuramochi, Jusen Asuka


Based upon the lessons from the current initiatives under the climate regime as well as relevant literature, this paper discuss specific steps and time frames that aim to add ex-ante clarity to nationally determined contributions to climate change mitigation and enhance their levels of ambition. The process proposed has three distinctive features: 1) A consortium of research institutes is established with a view to providing benchmarks to which Parties can refer to when proposing their initial contributions, and against which each Party’s relative contribution to the 2°C target is assessed; 2) To enhance ex-ante clarity and comparability of Parties’ contributions, the consortium also provides a common and clear template for information on mitigation contributions that Parties will complete ex-ante; 3) A limited number of Parties—for example, the G20 member countries—are requested to complete the common template and go through an international consultation process with a view to amending contributions to meet the required aggregate contribution for the 2°C goal.


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