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South - South Technology Transfer Addressing Climate Change and its (Missing) International Regulatory Framework

Maria Anna Corvaglia

In the ongoing discussion on the crucial role of technology to address climate change and the increasing international pressure on developing countries to combat global warming, this paper emphasises the role of developing countries as sources and not only as recipients of international technology innovations. South–South technology transfer represents an interesting alternative to the traditional pathway of North–South transfer of technological innovation but it still remains underestimated. No coherent or comprehensive international regulation for the new phenomenon of South–South technology transfer has yet been formulated. The UNFCCC Clean DevelopmentMechanism addresses merely the North–South movements of technologies, while the different WTO Agreements offer only indirect and partial regulations of specific aspects of themovements of knowledge and technology between developing countries. This paper aims at clarifying the potential of South-South technology transfer. Highlighting the institutional gap in the international environmental architecture, this research has the objective to also explore the trade-related incentives available at the moment in the multilateral trading system. “Bonum Diffusivum Sui” St. Thomas Aquinas


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