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Special Issue: The Rule of Law and Climate Adaptation in the Asian Region ∙ Legal Issues of Social Assistance in the Process of Post-Disaster Reconstruction in China

Haifeng Deng

Under the background of global climate change and the rapid economic development, China is facing a severe and complex situation of natural disasters, with the risk of disasters exacerbating and the disaster losses worsening. After Wenchuan Earthquake, faced with the mass life and property losses caused by great disasters, how to conduct the post-disaster social assistance work has been the topic of social concern; as an important part of post-disaster reconstruction, social assistance plays an important role in the process of post-disaster reconstruction. At present, however, there are many legal deficiencies of social assistance in the process of post-disaster reconstruction in China. Through analyzing the deficiencies of the legal system of social assistance in China, the deficiencies of legal support for folk relief organizations, the deficiencies of charitable donation supervision and management system, and other legal issues, this paper proposes several suggestions, which could lay the foundation for carrying out the study on social assistance after major natural disasters in China.

Law School of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084.


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