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The Talanoa Dialogue: A Crucible to Spur Ambitious Global Climate Action to Stay Within the 1.5OC Limit

Feja Lesniewska, Linda Siegele


In its original guise, the 2018 facilitative dialogue (now Talanoa Dialogue) was envisioned as a preliminary barometer of mitigation ambition in advance of the ‘2020 starting point’ of the Paris Agreement. The early entry into force of the Paris Agreement has ‘repositioned’ the Talanoa Dialogue vis-à-vis the ongoing work to operationalise the Paris Agreement. The Talanoa Dialogue now must be focused and narrow enough in scope to result in very clear messaging at COP 24 that leads to renewed political ambition. In addition to the near-term impact of the Talanoa Dialogue, it should have the additional benefit of being a ‘staging ground’ for the global stocktake (GST), the first of which is scheduled for 2023. The Talanoa Dialogue provides an opportunity to ‘test’ how the GST might function in the area of sources of input and modalities, but also in its process, ie multi-phased with ‘technical’ and ‘political’ components. This article critically analyses the Talanoa Dialogue to assess how effective a ‘launching pad’ it really can be to re-focus high-level attention on the purpose and long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and the GST ‘ambition mechanism’ put in place to achieve them.

Dr Feja Lesniewska is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Law at SOAS University London. Linda Siegele is an environmental lawyer based in London as well as a PhD candidate at University College London. For Correspondence: <>, <>.


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