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COP25 in Search of Lost Time for Action: An Assessment of the Madrid Climate Conference

Wolfgang Obergassel, Christof Arens, Christiane Beuermann, Lukas Hermwille, Nicolas Kreibich, Hermann E Ott, Meike Spitzner


Last year's conference of the global climate change regime took place from 2 until 15 December 2019 in Madrid, Spain. Despite marking a new record for overtime in the history of the UNFCCC, the conference did not only fail to meet the increasing public demand for swift and strong climate action, it also failed on its formal mandate to finalise the Paris rulebook. A record number of issues were left unresolved and shelved for the next session. COP25 thereby highlighted how much work still lies ahead both domestically and internationally if 2020 is to see a step-up in climate action that is consistent with the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement.

Wolfgang Obergassel, Co-Head of Research Unit, Wuppertal Institute; Christof Arens, Project Co-Ordinator, Wuppertal Institute; Christiane Beuermann, Division Vice - Director, Wuppertal Institute; Lukas Hermwille, Project Co-Ordinator, Wuppertal Institute; Nicolas Kreibich, Research Fellow, Wuppertal Institute; Hermann E. Ott, Head of German office, Client Earth; Meike Spitzner, Project Co-Ordinator, Wuppertal Institute. For correspondence: Wolfgang Obergassel <>, Christof Arens <>, Lukas Hermwille <>, Nicolas Kreibich <>, Hermann E. Ott <>, Meike Spitzner <>.


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