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Climate Diplomacy on Hold, But not Climate Change

An Analysis of International Climate Policy in the Year of the Pandemic

Wolfgang Obergassel, Christof Arens, Christiane Beuermann, Victoria Brandemann, Lukas Hermwille, Nicolas Kreibich, Meike Spitzner, Hanna Wang-Helmreich


Wolfgang Obergassel, Co-Head of Research Unit, Wuppertal Institute; Christof Arens, Senior Researcher, Wuppertal Institute; Christiane Beuermann, Vice-Director and Co-Head of Research Unit, Wuppertal Institute; Victoria Brandemann, Researcher, Wuppertal Institute; Lukas Hermwille, Senior Researcher, Wuppertal Institute; Nicolas Kreibich, Researcher, Wuppertal Institute; Meike Spitzner, Senior Researcher, Wuppertal Institute, Hanna Wang-Helmreich, Researcher, Wuppertal Institute. For correspondence: Wolfgang Obergassel <>, Christof Arens <>, Christiane Beuermann <>, Victoria Brandemann <>, Lukas Hermwille <>, Nicolas Kreibich <>, Meike Spitzner <>, Hanna Wang-Helmreich <>.


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