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Volume 9 (2015), Issue 3

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China, the United States and the European Union: Multiple Bilateralism and Prospects for a New Climate Change Diplomacy free

David Belis, Paul Joffe, Bart Kerremans, Ye Qi

Page 203 - 218

A Shift in the Agenda for China and India: Geopolitical Implications for Future Climate Governance

Dhanasree Jayaram

Page 219 - 230

From Carbon Emissions Trading Pilots to National System: The Road Map for China

Maosheng Duan

Page 231 - 242

Air Pollution Governance as a Driver of Recent Climate Policies in China

Lydia McMullen-Laird, Xiaofan Zhao, Mengjie Gong, Samuel J. McMullen

Page 243 - 255

China's Climate Strategy and Evolving Energy Mix: Policies, Strategies and Challenges

Leonie Reins, Sarah Van Eynde, Katelijn Van Hende, Anton Ming-Zhi Gao

Page 256 - 269

Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law


Page 270 - 271

European Union

Page 272 - 273

Book Reviews & New Publications

Book Review

Thomas L. Brewer, David M. Driesen

Page 274 - 276

New Publications

Page 277 - 279

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