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Jahrgang 14 (2020), Ausgabe 2

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Patrick Toussaint

Seite 83 - 84


Geoengineering and Public Trust Doctrine open-access

Andrew Lockley, Gideon Futerman, D’Maris Coffman

Seite 85 - 97

Rocky Hill: A Legal Breakthrough in the Consideration of Climate Change and Social Impacts of Coal Mines

Elena Aydos, Belinda Charlton, Gabrielle Cornett, Kelsey Gray, Nita Scott

Seite 98 - 106

The Limits of the Offshore Oil Exploration Ban and Agricultural Sector Deal to Reduce Emissions in New Zealand

Magnus C. Abraham-Dukuma, Francis N. Okpaleke, Qaraman Mohammed Hasan, Michael O. Dioha

Seite 107 - 117

‘I Know What I Must Do. It’s just …!’Justice in Emissions Trading Design and the Recent Reforms in New Zealand

Elena Aydos, Sven Rudolph, Achim Lerch

Seite 118 - 127

Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law

Book Reviews & New Publications

Book Review

Endre Tvinnereim, Rosemary Mwanza

Seite 135 - 141

New Publications

Seite 142 - 145

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