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Volume 2 (2008), Issue 3

Book Reviews and New Publications

Harro van Asselt

Page 3

Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law

Francesco Sindico, Leonardo Massai, Andrea Hudson Campbell, Van Ness Feldman, Kaitlin Gregg

Page 5

In the Market Legal and Institutional Frameworks and their Impact on Ecosystem Services Deals

Carina Bracer, Thomas Greiber

Page 1

Conservation Carbon: A New Voluntary Market Mechanism to Protect Forests

Robert O’Sullivan, Charlotte Streck

Page 9

IV. Payment for Ecosystem Services The Adoption of Private Natural Areas and Payment for Ecosystem Services in Brazil: Analysis of the Oasis Project Legal Scheme

Thais Cercal Dalmina Losso

Page 6

Reducing Deforestation and Degradation through Post-colonial Settlement of Land Rights: A Case Study in India

Promode Kant, Wu Shuirong

Page 6

Railroads in the Amazon: A Key Strategy for Reducing Deforestation

Virgilio Viana, Mariano Cenamo, Mariana Pavan, Gabriel Carrero, Matthew Quinlan

Page 8

III. National Implementation Forestry in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Design and Prospects for Success

Peter Lough, Alastair Cameron

Page 11

Bringing the Forest to Market: Structuring Avoided Deforestation Projects

Jennifer Crittenden, Martijn Wilder

Page 8

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries: Key Actors, Negotiations and Actions

Catherine Potvin, Andrew Bovarnick

Page 9

II. UNFCCC and Consideration of Forestry in a Post-Kyoto Regime Feasibility and Barriers to Entry for Small-scale CDM Forest Carbon Projects: A Case Study from the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon

Jenny Henman, Steven Hamburg, Angel Salazar Ve

Page 10

The Nature of the Right or Interest Created by a Market for Forest Carbon

Michelle Passero

Page 6

I. Legal Principles of Forest Carbon Forests, Carbon Markets, and Avoided Deforestation: Legal Implications

Charlotte Streck

Page 9

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