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Volume 4 (2010), Issue 2

Book Reviews and New Publications

Harro van Asselt

Page 13

California’s Climate Change Policies: Lessons for the Nation

Mary D. Nichols

Page 7

Current Developments in Carbon&Climate Law

Francesco Sindico, Leonardo Massai, Megan Ceronsky

Page 5

In the Market - Building a More Solid Market Foundation

Henry Derwent, Mark Wilson

Page 2

Market-based Regulation under the Clean Air Act

Roger Martella

Page 8

Product Carbon Footprinting: Calculation and Communication Standards in the Making

Cheryl Micallef-Borg

Page 12

The SEC’s Interpretive Release on Climate Change Disclosure

Jeffrey A. Smith, Matthew Morreale, Kimberley Drexler

Page 7

US Federal Energy and Climate Change Legislation: Some Lessons to be Learned from the Waxman-Markey Bill

David Robinson

Page 12

Warming Up to Climate Action

Dana Archer Dolan, Genevieve Borg Soule, Jill Greaney, Jason Morris

Page 12

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