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Volume 6 (2012), Issue 4

Between Twilight and Renaissance: Changing Prospects for the Carbon Market

Michael Mehling

Page 277 - 290

Beyond Déjà Vu: Opportunities for Policy Learning from Emissions Trading in Developed Countries

Sonja Klinsky, Michael Mehling, Andreas Tuerk

Page 291 - 305

Emissions Trading around the World: Dynamic Progress in Developed and Developing Countries

Peter Sopher

Page 306 - 316

Carbon Market Opportunities in Southern Mediterranean Countries

Noriko Fujiwara, Monica Alessi, Anton Georgiev

Page 317 - 328

Designing the Regulatory Framework of an Emissions Trading Programme in China: Lessons from Tianjin

Hao Zhang

Page 329 - 341

A Green Emerging Market: India’s Experiments with Market Based Mechanisms for Climate Mitigation

Anjum Rosha, David Freestone

Page 342 - 353

To Tax or Trade (or Both or Neither)? The Confusing South African Status Quo on Carbon Taxation and Emissions Trading

Andrew Gilder

Market-based Instruments for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Brazil: Experiences and Prospects

Michael Mehling, Sebastian Mielke

Page 365 - 372

Negotiations on the New Market Mechanism and the Framework for Various Approaches

Kati Kulovesi

Page 373 - 383

New Market Mechanisms: Prerequisites for Implementation

Wolfgang Sterk, Florian Mersmann

Page 384 - 395

The Clean Development Mechanism as a Governance Problem

Felix Ekardt, Anne-Katrin Exner

Page 396 - 407

In the Market - Building Capacity for Emissions Trading: The ICA

Tobias Hausotter, Michael Mehling

Page 408 - 413

In the Market - Building Market Readiness: Status Quo and Future Prospects

Sarah Moyer

Page 414 - 416

Current Developments in Carbon & Climate Law

International, European Union, North America

Page 417 - 422

Book Reviews & New Publications

Harro van Asselt

Page 423 - 430

Carbon Markets in Japan: Recent Experiences from CO2 Cap-and-Trade at the National and Local Level

Sven Rudolph

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