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Volume 3 (2009), Issue 3

One, Two or One and a Half Protocols? An Assessment of Suggested Options for the Legal Form of the Post-2012 Climate Regime

Lutz Morgenstern

Stakeholder-based Scenarios for Post-2012 Climate Policy: A Participatory Approach

Page 13

Climate Change, Justice, and Clean Development – A Review of the Copenhagen Negotiating Draft

Felix Ekardt, Anne-Katrin Exner, Sibylle Albrecht

Page 9

The Carbon Market and the Post-2012 Climate Regime: Key Legal Scenarios

Kati Kulovesi

Page 10

Institutional Mechanisms to Address the AAU Reserves in a Post-2012 Agreement

Alexander Averchenkov, Alina Averchenkova

Page 4

Identifying Countries that are Particularly Vulnerable to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change: An Academic or a Political Challenge?

Richard J.T. Klein

Page 8

Technology Transfer and Financing: Issues for Long Term Climate Policy in Developing Countries

Ujjwal Kacker

Page 11

Community-based Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of REDD Projects: Innovative Potentials for Benefit Sharing

Kristy Graham, Amelia Thorpe

Page 11

Taking Adaptation Value Seriously: Designing REDD to Protect Biodiversity

Andrew Long

Page 10

In the REDD: A Conservative Approach to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Max Collett

Page 16

(De)Centralized Law-making in the Revised EU ETS

Josephine A.W. van Zeben

Page 17

Suspension of Eligibility to Use of the Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms: A Review of Substantive Issues (Part 2)

Uloma Onuma

Page 6

In the Market - With commentaries by Chris Staples, Partha Malvadkar, and Jonathan Phillips

Tom Duvall, Rutger de Witt Wijnen

Page 5

Current Developments in Carbon&Climate Law

Page 5

Book Review & New Publications

Harro van Asselt

Page 6

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